Thursday, July 12, 2012

Call of Dead: Walking Warfare

        For those of you perplexed by this title as much as I am (and I'm the one who made it up), give me time I'm getting to it. IGN reported last week that Activision will be publishing a new FPS being developed by Terminal Reality, best known for games like Kinect Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Bloodrayne, and Def Jam Rapstar (quite the eclectic mix), based off the widely popular graphic novel/ TV epic The Walking Dead. Now I wonder if anyone else caught the odd part of this scenario. Its a FPS, published by Activision, and based off The Walking Dead. Yeah now my title is starting to make more sense isn't it?
      You might immediately think, "Well it's only being published by Activision, it's being developed by Terminal Reality, maybe this will work out better than we think. And then a golden marmoset will break through my window and feed me honey peanut butter and warm milk. Let's face facts we have a studio that is fairly unfamiliar with FPS games, developing a game for a studio that makes FPS like kindergartners make finger paintings. Said company is also one of the the biggest video game corporations in the world, and is also often times referred to as...well evil is a nice way of putting it. You honestly think Activision won't have these guys by the balls and push this game out the door to try and cash in on that big Hype buck The Walking Dead series is generating right now?

      I think the biggest reason this game will probably fail should be the most obvious. Its a game based off a TV show. Tell me the last time one of those games was a contender for Game of The Year? Before you throw up the argument, "Maybe it's based off the books and not the show," Activision already confirmed the story will center around Daryl Dixon and his brother Merle, both of which are original characters created for the show. Even though now apparently Daryl will be making a transition into the books. Still with Telltale Games so far success with their episodic venture into the comic book's world, I'm worried that a giant company like Activision will tarnish this franchises game legacy before it's even started.
      I think the other reason that might serve as the nail in this game's coffin is the genre that was chosen for this project. A FPS set in a zombie apocalypse...Valve and Deep Silver might have something to say about that. However while Dead Island isn't the best example and Left 4 Dead didn't really have zombies (Valve said they were infected by The Green Flu which makes them like zombies, it's a satire on how we portray zombies in the modern era), but they bother were survival horror FPS set in some class of infected apocalypse. However, what's the one thing these two games had that made them stand out, 4 player Co-Op. With 4 players it gave you the ability to tackle hoards of mobs with friends, or teammates in hopes of surviving this crazy world full of horrible infected freaks.

      The most we can hope for in Call of Dead: Walking Warfare (by god I'll make it catch on) is 2 player Co-Op unless they shoe horn in some new characters that will have to either die off at the end of the game, or be underdeveloped characters from the show that we'll ultimately be pissed they were developed so much only to have like 3 lines in the show. It would be kinda like New Super Mario Bros.  where Players 1 and 2 would be Mario and Luigi, and the other two are random Toads. Yes, we know the Toads and what they represent in the Mario universe but they are never developed enough for us to care. However, if these two random ones got developed fans would be clamoring to see more of them, and...well they could always be added to Mario Kart 8 or the next Mario sports game. Still my point stands.

       The first trailer for the game didn't show any gameplay which is to be expected, but it didn't even really set up what the game was supposed to be. I had to read the advertising blurb to see that it was a FPS that would try to utilize both Stealth (like the Thief series) and elements of the hardcore mode from Fallout: New Vegas (rationing bullets, water, food, etc.). You'll also meet other survivors and decide whether to trust them or not (potential Co-Op opportunities maybe?).
    In the end I'm very concerned with this game, mainly for the points listed above. I hope for good things, but expect the worst. Still I'd love to hear your opinions, leave a comment down below with your ideas and feeling about this game. This is a Den of Knowledge and it grows when you add yours to the mix. If you like this blog be sure to follow it, we have many projects in the works, and be sure to share it to like minded people. So until next time my Denizens of the Den, I'm S.F., and You're right...that is enough.



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