Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 More for 44 and the Revolution it has created.

So ends Election 2012, I am happy with the results, but I think we need to remember one thing. In this election, more than even the historic 2008 election, people stood up for something they believed in. I am proud to say I voted for Barack Obama, and was biting my nails just as much as those who voted Romney. We have reached a point in our society where people want change and are finally willing to stand up and shout for it. Donald Trump said after Obama was called the winner that we needed a "Revolution", but the funny thing is we already are having one.

For too long the people of this country have barked and whined about how terrible things are. It didn't matter if it was Bush Jr. or Barack-a The Rocka, everyone bitched and moaned about the state of the country. The funny thing one did anything. People sat around and cried, and just hoped magically things would fix themselves. Sorry folks, it doesn't work that way. The people of this nation have become content on being Fat, Loud, Lazy, and Stupid (which is a great book by Dr. Dennis Leary if you haven't read it), with a huge emphasis on lazy.

It's the reason the Occupy movement failed, well there's actually two reasons. The first one being that the moment was far too scattered, with no leadership or direction to fix anything. Instead you have a bunch of people yelling at the government saying, "We're mad!", The Government responding "What do you want us to do?", and the movement yelling back "We're mad!". I'm sure someone will want to debate with me the deeper meaning of what the movement stood for, and what they wanted, but in the end the fact remains, NOTHING CHANGED, and people look back and scoff at the movement.

Secondly of the 99% that was fighting for whatever change the movement wanted, not even 1% actually took the chance, made the trip, and protested in support of changes. If you were able to actually get even 10% of that 99% to descend upon New York City, Washington D.C., and other large capital cities then you would really make some noise. However, the lack of structure and the laziness of people is what ruined what could have been in it's own right a revolution.

2008 was a step in the right direction when it comes to changing the world. 5 million more people voted in that election than in 2004. That election saw the rise of the First African American President, breaking the racial barrier that existed in that position. Now criticize the man all you want the fact is he will forever be known as the first black president. Now as our country continued (and still continues) to rise and fall on turbulent seas of uncertainty people knew they had to make their voice heard.

The 2008 election boasted a total of 129,391,711 votes. At the time of writing this there are 112,672,901 votes in play in the 2012 election. However, the margin of the popular vote this year has been almost a dead 50/50 split leaving only the electoral college to decide our President (that's a separate rant). In 2008 Obama won with 52.9% of the vote to John McCain's 45.7%. This showed that there are people on both sides of the aisle that want to see change and are standing up and making their voices heard.

Our country has a chance now to get back on the right track we just have to come to that 50/50 footing. We all have to be willing to give a little bit in order to meet each other halfway, and get this country on the right track. The rich have to give a little more in taxes, and the middle class have to stand up, quit whining, and keep working towards that ever elusive American dream.

No longer can we just sit around and hope for a brighter future, we have to be willing to take the chances and make our futures brighter. Tired of working in a retail, but love to bake, go back to school to hone your skills and open your own bakery/cafe. Your life is too short to waste doing a meaningless job you hate going to everyday. Find a way to turn your passion into a lifestyle for yourself. That's how many great businesses of today have been created. Let this resound 50/50 showing be the rallying cry for change and let's see our country flourish again as it did many years ago. As a Den of knowledge, creation, and innovation.

My name is Shayne Faunce, I voted for Barack Obama, and I do respect Mitt Romney for his views; though I disagree with just about everyone of them, I support the right for 2 Men or 2 Women to marry with the same rights that 1 man and 1 woman have, I am for the legalization and taxation of Marijuana, I believe that a woman has the right to choose what happens to her body, I stand for a person's right to believe whatever it is they wish to believe in so long as they are accepting of my choice not to believe any of their believes, I stand in honor of our servicemen and women who defend our freedoms both at home and afar, and I love this Country and am proud to live in it.

This article wasn't written out of any form of hate for a political party or candidate (except Richard Mourdock...just nope), and I seriously look forward to seeing how these next 4 years play out. While I don't think we'll have a Revolution like we did back in 1775, I do think we just might start to see the entire political, and social spectrum change dramatically. It should make for one wild ride.

So until next time, Good Night, Good Luck, and God Bless These United States of America.

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