Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 More for 44 and the Revolution it has created.

So ends Election 2012, I am happy with the results, but I think we need to remember one thing. In this election, more than even the historic 2008 election, people stood up for something they believed in. I am proud to say I voted for Barack Obama, and was biting my nails just as much as those who voted Romney. We have reached a point in our society where people want change and are finally willing to stand up and shout for it. Donald Trump said after Obama was called the winner that we needed a "Revolution", but the funny thing is we already are having one.

For too long the people of this country have barked and whined about how terrible things are. It didn't matter if it was Bush Jr. or Barack-a The Rocka, everyone bitched and moaned about the state of the country. The funny thing one did anything. People sat around and cried, and just hoped magically things would fix themselves. Sorry folks, it doesn't work that way. The people of this nation have become content on being Fat, Loud, Lazy, and Stupid (which is a great book by Dr. Dennis Leary if you haven't read it), with a huge emphasis on lazy.

It's the reason the Occupy movement failed, well there's actually two reasons. The first one being that the moment was far too scattered, with no leadership or direction to fix anything. Instead you have a bunch of people yelling at the government saying, "We're mad!", The Government responding "What do you want us to do?", and the movement yelling back "We're mad!". I'm sure someone will want to debate with me the deeper meaning of what the movement stood for, and what they wanted, but in the end the fact remains, NOTHING CHANGED, and people look back and scoff at the movement.

Secondly of the 99% that was fighting for whatever change the movement wanted, not even 1% actually took the chance, made the trip, and protested in support of changes. If you were able to actually get even 10% of that 99% to descend upon New York City, Washington D.C., and other large capital cities then you would really make some noise. However, the lack of structure and the laziness of people is what ruined what could have been in it's own right a revolution.

2008 was a step in the right direction when it comes to changing the world. 5 million more people voted in that election than in 2004. That election saw the rise of the First African American President, breaking the racial barrier that existed in that position. Now criticize the man all you want the fact is he will forever be known as the first black president. Now as our country continued (and still continues) to rise and fall on turbulent seas of uncertainty people knew they had to make their voice heard.

The 2008 election boasted a total of 129,391,711 votes. At the time of writing this there are 112,672,901 votes in play in the 2012 election. However, the margin of the popular vote this year has been almost a dead 50/50 split leaving only the electoral college to decide our President (that's a separate rant). In 2008 Obama won with 52.9% of the vote to John McCain's 45.7%. This showed that there are people on both sides of the aisle that want to see change and are standing up and making their voices heard.

Our country has a chance now to get back on the right track we just have to come to that 50/50 footing. We all have to be willing to give a little bit in order to meet each other halfway, and get this country on the right track. The rich have to give a little more in taxes, and the middle class have to stand up, quit whining, and keep working towards that ever elusive American dream.

No longer can we just sit around and hope for a brighter future, we have to be willing to take the chances and make our futures brighter. Tired of working in a retail, but love to bake, go back to school to hone your skills and open your own bakery/cafe. Your life is too short to waste doing a meaningless job you hate going to everyday. Find a way to turn your passion into a lifestyle for yourself. That's how many great businesses of today have been created. Let this resound 50/50 showing be the rallying cry for change and let's see our country flourish again as it did many years ago. As a Den of knowledge, creation, and innovation.

My name is Shayne Faunce, I voted for Barack Obama, and I do respect Mitt Romney for his views; though I disagree with just about everyone of them, I support the right for 2 Men or 2 Women to marry with the same rights that 1 man and 1 woman have, I am for the legalization and taxation of Marijuana, I believe that a woman has the right to choose what happens to her body, I stand for a person's right to believe whatever it is they wish to believe in so long as they are accepting of my choice not to believe any of their believes, I stand in honor of our servicemen and women who defend our freedoms both at home and afar, and I love this Country and am proud to live in it.

This article wasn't written out of any form of hate for a political party or candidate (except Richard Mourdock...just nope), and I seriously look forward to seeing how these next 4 years play out. While I don't think we'll have a Revolution like we did back in 1775, I do think we just might start to see the entire political, and social spectrum change dramatically. It should make for one wild ride.

So until next time, Good Night, Good Luck, and God Bless These United States of America.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Quickie With the Drewid

A Den Quickie: The Ouya

By Drewid91/tigersclaw91

For the last several decades console gaming has been a place for big name developers with
millions of dollars to throw at a game. The Ouya wants to change that. The Ouya is a new console in
development by Jambox that will run on an open source Android platform. Jambox is looking to open
up the console gaming market to independent developers. All the games on the Ouya will be free to
play or at least have a demo, so you can always try before you buy.

The company launched a kickstarter campaign through back on July 10, 2012.
The campaign had a goal of $950,000 and ran till August 9, 2012. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Well the
donations went far beyond their goals. The total donations reached over 2.5 million by the end of the
first day, by the end of the campaign donations totaled over $8,500,000. That’s nearly 9 times what they
were hoping for!

The campaign gave donators a series of rewards based on donation levels. Those who donated
at least $10 were able to reserve their usernames before the consoles launch. A donation of $95 or
more netted the donator a Ouya console and controller. $10,000 or more in donations gave the
donator access to “The Angel List” the entire first set of consoles will have their usernames and backer
ids engraved on the back. Angel List members will also receive a private dinner invitation for the launch
party with game developers and designers.

I can go on and on about how promising this console looks but I’ll attempt to sum the rest up
within this paragraph and leave the rest to you guys. You can still preorder a console and controller for
$109 + shipping at , be sure to check out the video explaining the project and its goals.
This console is looking to change the console gaming industry. Developers will be able to avoid
numerous fees and restrictions commonly associated with console games namely; licensing, retail, and
publishing fees, along with software restrictions. The Ouya is looking to be affordable but efficient. The
console will plug right into your tv and give the user a plethora of games to play. It will feature support
for numerous services like Twitch, Onlive, Vevo, IheartRadio, Plex, and XBMC.

Alright here is some links so you DENizens can see what I mean and hopefully get as excited as I

am. - official site for the Ouya, check out the video and preorder one if you’re really
interested. kickstarter
page contains more written info about the project. up and coming gaming
news site, yes I’m plugging them :D. Video explains some more in-depth info.

Monday, July 23, 2012

One Year Later: My Return to the World of Azeroth

One Year Later: My Return to the World of Azeroth
Let start out with my World of Warcraft credentials, that way whatever I say from now on is validated. I started playing this WoW back in 2007 shortly after the Black Temple (Patch 2.1.0) released, and continued playing until just after Patch 4.2.0 (The Firelands). Over the course of my time playing I rose as high as the 9th best Paladin and 3rd highest ranked Holy Paladin on the server of Hellscream. Yes, Hellscream the powerhouse Beta server that still thrives today. My services came recommended highly for knowing my role as a healer, and keeping Tanks alive. I was also a formidable DPS as Retribution, but nowhere as skilled as my healing side. Although with Cataclysm I switched my main spec to Retribution as I always found it more fun than healing. The only reason that I walked away from the game is because I no longer found it fun, and spending $15 a month on a game I no longer found fun was made absolutely no sense to me.
That being said I have kept an eye on the game from a far simply because you don’t spend 4 years of your life playing a game without wanting to see what happens to it. I also have tried to keep in touch with the multiple friends I have made in this game, and that is ultimately what brought me back. While playing Diablo 3 one of them asked if I planned on coming back, I said no, but I would log onto the old Vent server for old times’ sake. After listening in on a few of my friends chugging along in a Heroic Dungeon, I told them to send me a Scroll of Resurrection and I’ll give it a week. I figured, “I’ll give it a week to entice me into coming back. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say.”
After installing the game, and the Mods to make it feel like I never left, I loaded the game up and was pleased to be reunited with the city of Stormwind. It felt like I never left, I instantly knew the layout, and was flying around it on my old Cenarion War Hippogriff. I was soon drug into the 3 new Caverns of Time instances (my favorite set of instances) to work off some rust. As we stormed through the instances I was at first pleased with the design of the dungeons and the variety to the bosses. Everything looked well crafted, and to be fair WoW always was good for scenery porn. Don’t get me wrong it’s not Crysis, but the environments do look good from an atheistic and artistic view.
After completing all 3, and picking up a few pieces of gear for my troubles, I found myself sitting in the Stormwind bank and tabbed out and reading something while chatting on vent. It was then that I realized I was doing exactly what I did when I quit this game the last time. I just wasted time sitting in a city instead of actually playing the game. So I took advantage of the free character boost to level 80 and leveled my Warlock from 48 to 80. As I dusted off my old Gnome friend I headed to Hyjal because fuck Vashj'ir, and was ready to hit the grind.
Then I did the first 3 quests and stopped because it was far too boring to do again. I only had 1 level 85 toon, but I had 3 that made it through Hyjal; so these quests had no impact on me and I ultimately found the whole grind boring as sin. It was then I decided that I would not be making a full return to Azeroth as I knew I could no longer handle the grind. I ran into the same problems when I gave SWTOR a go, but that game had other issues that lead me to shelving it for the foreseeable future.
I know the first argument to be held against me is the timing of my return. The fact Mists of Pandaria is releasing probably in the fall or winter of this year, and I’m coming back at the end of an expansion both sound like solid arguments to be held against any critiques I hold against the game at this point in time. However, the fact I have been gone for over a year and there is no content that is currently out or coming in MoP to draw me in and want to play doesn’t help the games case. There were 3 new Heroics that I got to run through, but upon reflection I remember little about the story, and even less about the mechanics of the fights. Everything just has become a routine, and routines don’t always make for the fun times.
Another thing that got me was my friends’ response to the question, “Why are you still playing this game?” The responses were startling to say the least.
“It’s something to do.”
“It’s fun to laugh at the stupid people.”
“I don’t really know.”
All of these responses lead me to understand why over the last year WoW has lost around 1.8 million subscribers. Most of these losses were suffered before the 4th quarter of last year when the Hour of Twilight Patch launched (November 29, 2011). So that shows that there are people just are tired of the game no matter the content that is on the horizon.
Back to the responses I had to think about it, but after pondering these I found one solution to serve as a substitute for WoW that would scratch both those itches…YouTube. Through YouTube you have something to do, and over half the videos on YouTube it seems are people making themselves look foolish. That third one…I have nothing except the sad feeling that my friends and maybe others with similar thinking are hopelessly addicted to the game. It gives me the feeling that a sad empathy has descended over players of this game that they no longer care about the quality of the product, but will just happily throw money at the game so they can continue to go through the routines they set for themselves, regardless of whether or not it is actually fun or not.
Isn’t that the point of a game, to have fun? Or to just go through the routine day after day in hopes of eventually getting to something new which you do over and over until it becomes the new routine that takes over your free time? It’s sad to think that this is what the once revolutionary game that helped to define the MMORPG has been reduced to, a digital drug. Blizzard already has the market cornered on addictive gameplay. Both WoW and Diablo 3 feature addictive-as-crack leveling that keeps you going wanting more. With flashing light, epic sound effects, and the promise of new more powerful gear and abilities. However, after you come back off the high and go through the withdrawals you feel refreshed and actually not tempted at all to return. By then Blizzard has already added oodles and boodles of your cash to their pile, and still will get more from your comrades. That or you remained complacent with where you have ended up and run the routine gauntlet like I mentioned before.
Don’t interpret this as purely a hate speech; I love World of Warcraft for what it represented in its prime. Wonderful environments, a great cast of characters supporting a massive story with a lore that has stood the test of time, and gameplay that truly made it top of the MMO throne (a throne it still holds to this day). I invested so much of my time into this game I can’t fully hate it, I just have walked away from the game as it has evolved into something I can no longer support. I don’t discourage people from giving the game a try if you think you will enjoy it. The new Free-to-play model they are employing gives you a chance to give the game a go without spending a dime, and there is still a lot of good content in the game to make playing the game worth it. So Denizens I leave it to you to decide for yourselves, and I hope you found this analysis to be knowledgeable, and entertaining. Feel free to leave a comment on this post, follow the blog if you like, and share it to like-minded individuals. 
But until next time guys, I’m S.F., and what do you seek within the mountain?


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Call of Dead: Walking Warfare

        For those of you perplexed by this title as much as I am (and I'm the one who made it up), give me time I'm getting to it. IGN reported last week that Activision will be publishing a new FPS being developed by Terminal Reality, best known for games like Kinect Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Bloodrayne, and Def Jam Rapstar (quite the eclectic mix), based off the widely popular graphic novel/ TV epic The Walking Dead. Now I wonder if anyone else caught the odd part of this scenario. Its a FPS, published by Activision, and based off The Walking Dead. Yeah now my title is starting to make more sense isn't it?
      You might immediately think, "Well it's only being published by Activision, it's being developed by Terminal Reality, maybe this will work out better than we think. And then a golden marmoset will break through my window and feed me honey peanut butter and warm milk. Let's face facts we have a studio that is fairly unfamiliar with FPS games, developing a game for a studio that makes FPS like kindergartners make finger paintings. Said company is also one of the the biggest video game corporations in the world, and is also often times referred to as...well evil is a nice way of putting it. You honestly think Activision won't have these guys by the balls and push this game out the door to try and cash in on that big Hype buck The Walking Dead series is generating right now?

      I think the biggest reason this game will probably fail should be the most obvious. Its a game based off a TV show. Tell me the last time one of those games was a contender for Game of The Year? Before you throw up the argument, "Maybe it's based off the books and not the show," Activision already confirmed the story will center around Daryl Dixon and his brother Merle, both of which are original characters created for the show. Even though now apparently Daryl will be making a transition into the books. Still with Telltale Games so far success with their episodic venture into the comic book's world, I'm worried that a giant company like Activision will tarnish this franchises game legacy before it's even started.
      I think the other reason that might serve as the nail in this game's coffin is the genre that was chosen for this project. A FPS set in a zombie apocalypse...Valve and Deep Silver might have something to say about that. However while Dead Island isn't the best example and Left 4 Dead didn't really have zombies (Valve said they were infected by The Green Flu which makes them like zombies, it's a satire on how we portray zombies in the modern era), but they bother were survival horror FPS set in some class of infected apocalypse. However, what's the one thing these two games had that made them stand out, 4 player Co-Op. With 4 players it gave you the ability to tackle hoards of mobs with friends, or teammates in hopes of surviving this crazy world full of horrible infected freaks.

      The most we can hope for in Call of Dead: Walking Warfare (by god I'll make it catch on) is 2 player Co-Op unless they shoe horn in some new characters that will have to either die off at the end of the game, or be underdeveloped characters from the show that we'll ultimately be pissed they were developed so much only to have like 3 lines in the show. It would be kinda like New Super Mario Bros.  where Players 1 and 2 would be Mario and Luigi, and the other two are random Toads. Yes, we know the Toads and what they represent in the Mario universe but they are never developed enough for us to care. However, if these two random ones got developed fans would be clamoring to see more of them, and...well they could always be added to Mario Kart 8 or the next Mario sports game. Still my point stands.

       The first trailer for the game didn't show any gameplay which is to be expected, but it didn't even really set up what the game was supposed to be. I had to read the advertising blurb to see that it was a FPS that would try to utilize both Stealth (like the Thief series) and elements of the hardcore mode from Fallout: New Vegas (rationing bullets, water, food, etc.). You'll also meet other survivors and decide whether to trust them or not (potential Co-Op opportunities maybe?).
    In the end I'm very concerned with this game, mainly for the points listed above. I hope for good things, but expect the worst. Still I'd love to hear your opinions, leave a comment down below with your ideas and feeling about this game. This is a Den of Knowledge and it grows when you add yours to the mix. If you like this blog be sure to follow it, we have many projects in the works, and be sure to share it to like minded people. So until next time my Denizens of the Den, I'm S.F., and You're right...that is enough.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Operation: Game Over

Before you start panicking no this not some plot by a hactivist group to take down anything on the internet, this is something much different. No, Operation Game Over is a new plan being set forth in conjunction with major video game companies and the New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office to purge the online gaming world of Registered Sex Offenders who would try to utilize this new technology as a hunting ground for their new prey. So far this act has banned just over 3,500 gamers from playing games online. Now before you think this is just 1 or 2 companies just doing this for a PR stunt, let me first reiterate that's THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED GAMERS BANNED! 

Second that these companies are the big power players in the industry including  Microsoft, Apple, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros. and Disney Interactive Media Group. Just so we are clear that eliminates Xbox Live, World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect 3, Mortal Kombat, and...whatever big online game Apple has (I don't know any). Those are some big games that now these...for lack of a better term evil-doers are now no longer going to be able to play. 

Now I'm not defending anyone here, I strongly believe that every child has the right to choose when to freely give up their innocence, and I despise anyone that partakes in these nefarious (fancy word go!) acts. I however must say that there is another party to blame for this problem. The PARENTS, yes the actual caregivers of these children have some bit of blame to bear in this discussion. If some parents took a little more time to actually pay attention to what their kids are doing online, and who they are socializing with online, then some of these situations can be prevented.

For a recent example from New York state a 19 year old man from Monroe County recently pled guilty to sexual assault charges after luring a 12 year old over to his apartment after chatting on Xbox Live. How did the kid get to this man's apartment? Did the parent's know (god forbid they actually drove him there)? Did they know about this man? If they had taken a few moments of their time to look in on their son playing their game of choice (or heck just listen if he was like most 12 years old on Xbox live) they might see something wrong with the situation and act accordingly.

I support the ESRBs rating system, and the enforcing of it, but in the end it needs to be the parents that take the time to know what their child is doing, its part of their job as a parent. If not then soon the image of Video Games will be tarnished and changed into something different than what it's supposed to be. I'm a young guy who looks forward to one day raising a couple kids and introducing them (at appropriate ages) to video games (as well as Star Wars, anime, and other wonderful thing), but I will watch them like a hawk and adjust what content they view/play as I see fit. 

So what do you guys think about this I'd love to know, as that is the point of the blog is to spark discussion. Leave a comment and follow if you like. I'm S.F. and you are in The Den, sit back, relax, and I'll see you next time.

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Title New Beginning

I decided that the time has come to return to the blogging scene and actually make this thing work. Instead of writing I constantly have found myself just talking out a script for either an audio blog entry or a text one. Well while I look into the idea of a speech-to-text software, and maybe a slightly better microphone, I will mainly utilize typing for the first few entries to the new version of The Den Blog. You might be asking, "Why The Den? The Loser's Guide to Life had character to it, why change it to something so simple?" Well the reason is simple, with a name like the Loser's Guide to Life it felt that I had to kinda order the entries like an actual guide and not just let things flow like I want to do.

Don't worry nothing else changes, all previous entries will remain the same, and the true message of this blog remains the same. But from now on we move towards the new dawn of The Den. The Den will be a place that not only includes my opinions, but hopefully intelligent dialogue of my design designed to drum up questions and debate. I hope to regain lost fans, and gain new ones. I'm not sure if my Drewid is tagging along, but I hope he is, and maybe we can get another contributor involved. I have my first big project lined up, I just have to decided weather to finish my text script, or go with a audio log. I shall have that entry up by the end of the coming week. So until then, please come on in, take a seat, and welcome to The Den!