Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Title New Beginning

I decided that the time has come to return to the blogging scene and actually make this thing work. Instead of writing I constantly have found myself just talking out a script for either an audio blog entry or a text one. Well while I look into the idea of a speech-to-text software, and maybe a slightly better microphone, I will mainly utilize typing for the first few entries to the new version of The Den Blog. You might be asking, "Why The Den? The Loser's Guide to Life had character to it, why change it to something so simple?" Well the reason is simple, with a name like the Loser's Guide to Life it felt that I had to kinda order the entries like an actual guide and not just let things flow like I want to do.

Don't worry nothing else changes, all previous entries will remain the same, and the true message of this blog remains the same. But from now on we move towards the new dawn of The Den. The Den will be a place that not only includes my opinions, but hopefully intelligent dialogue of my design designed to drum up questions and debate. I hope to regain lost fans, and gain new ones. I'm not sure if my Drewid is tagging along, but I hope he is, and maybe we can get another contributor involved. I have my first big project lined up, I just have to decided weather to finish my text script, or go with a audio log. I shall have that entry up by the end of the coming week. So until then, please come on in, take a seat, and welcome to The Den!


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